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jeudi 30 juin 2011

Pipins - Dress Apolline

Pipins - Dress Apolline
950 l$
Model : Amethys Inglewood

This avant-garde gown brings a whole scenery to the stage. The cut-out top part of the gown is very elaborated with strasses on the front part  , and yet very sexy as it is strapless and the breast is partly revealed.

The bottom part of the gown is a splendid shimmering bouquet  laying on a lawn of silks. The wings on the front part remind those of a butterfly quietly enjoying this wonderful and flowery piece of art.

Apolline is worn with long gloves that add a touch of class to that Avant-garde creation.

mercredi 29 juin 2011

Pipins - Dress Aurelie

Pipins - Dress Aurelie
950 l$
Model : Ondine Asbrink

This dress is an elegant mix of force and sweetness, inspired of a floral universe, inviting you to a subtil perfume.

Gold and Pink are joining to make Aurelie the most beautiful flower of the garden.
Each part of the dress represents a petal of a wonderful flower, with thin veils, and rare fabrics.
A fowery belt underlines nicely the waist, while a corolla of enterlaced stems and petals enhances the natural feminine curves.

A delicate hat comes with this outstanding dress, as a discret vegetal accessory. The face of the model seems to come out from a rose, blossoming under the sun kisses.

Aurelie is delicacy, elegance and creativity.

mardi 28 juin 2011

Pipins - Dress Cassandra

Pipins - Dress Cassandra
950 l$
Model : Finna Ferina

Cassandra is an exquisite dress created by Pipins.

The numerous details on this dress are amazing and sure to suit the finest of fae.  It's delicate golden bodice and princess neckline is covered with a splash of golden flowers and petals which entwine the waist, bringing attention to your finest curves.  The full skirt is a sea of turquoise satin and tulle which flows with each movement and is sure to catch an eye or two.  The tulle flowers on the front of the overskirt and the full train are additional eye catching details that add distinction and style to this dress..

Finally, the wings are no exception to the uniqueness of this dress.  They are exquisite in design and surrounded by twisting stems that further enhance the overall experience you are sure to enjoy while wearing this beautiful creation.

lundi 27 juin 2011

Pipins - Dress Ophelie

Pipins - Dress Ophelie
950 l$
Model : Terry Grauman

Reminiscent of a glorious tropical flower this gown flows with natural beauty.

The taffeta pleatings of the gown are stiffened and molded into swirls and curls of petals of rich vibrant colors that explode upward to frame the skirt of the dress.

The bodice is imported French lace that shimmers in a rainbow of soft muted colors.

Shades of blue lace surround the neck, dip down to enhance the breasts and add a splash of color to the gloves.

dimanche 26 juin 2011

Pipins - Dress Ilona

Pipins - Dress Ilona
950 l$
Model : Aphrodite Brianna

Ilona is a fabulous emerald green gown with extraordinary details.

The bodice,  delicately designed shows off a plunging  neckline and reveals a shoulder . It is addorned by a flower and flowing light veil sleeve reminding of a bird of paradise wing.The wide skirt contrasts amazingly with the bodice in a wilder way, untamed and fabulous. The luscious green leaves evoke a natural paradise where nature is generous, bringing this exotic wild and elegant feel to the gown. A fantastic head piece completes this amazing gown with swirls and smaller leaves arranged to create a stunning and elegant hat.

This gown is for the ladies who wish to express their wild side in the most elegant and fashionable way.

samedi 25 juin 2011

Pipins - Dress Olivia

Pipins presents you the first dess of the Summer Collection.

Pipins - Dress Olivia
950 l$

The Olivia dress is an eclectic mix of astral colors.

It draws upon that which has been a curiosity of people, no matter their origin, for  many generations. The spokes on the hat seem as though they are orbiting the base that rests neatly on head. The  curls of the skirt seem almost symbolic for the fluidity and mystery of time and space. The tendrils of petals are the only reminder of our position here on the third rock from the sun.

Textures that have been ripped right out of our cosmos, this star studded gown is a feast for the eye.

vendredi 24 juin 2011

Pipins Summer Fashion Show

The 24th of June 211 at 1 pm SLT, Pipins invites you to the Summer Fashion Show.

Come to discover 15 amazing gowns of the Summer Collections : Pipins Summer Fashion Show

jeudi 16 juin 2011

Pipins - Dress Mélopée

Pipins starts a New Collection : The Collection Elegance.

New release of the day : the dress Mélopée, modeled by Aphrodite Brianna. This champagne dress comes with the little Hat and a drapped Stole. Available in the Pipins Mainstore.

Pipins - Dress Mélopée
800 l$

jeudi 2 juin 2011

Pipins Creations Magazine, Edition of june 2011

Our first Edition of Pipins Creations Magazine is now on display.

Available in the Pipins Mainstore, this magazine presents you the Springtime Collection and the Discount Collection. Via this magazine, you can buy the outfits (direct link to the marketplace), join our group, and see all our webpages. It's totally Free, and sent on the Pipins groups each month.

We also offer pages for :
A poem
An article fashion related
A short novel.

We do hope you will enjoy our monthly magazine.

mercredi 1 juin 2011

Treasure Hunt at Pipins !

Pipins is part of the Treasure Hunt organized by Style & Addict, by Evenementia, from June 1st to 15 th.

A White Star is hidden is the Pipins Mainstore. Just click on it to get your treasure.

Your treasure, if you find it, is the Dress Forence :

Pipins - Dress Florence

Happy Treasure Hunt and Good Luck to All!