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mardi 22 mai 2012

More New Hairs from Pipins !

Five new hair releases yesterday and now ANOTHER 5! These new designs are fabulous couture hair for the runway in a wide range of colour combinations, some with optionally visible hair ornaments that are texture change for gems and metals. Be one of the first to walk the runway in these amazing new hair designs!
Available in the Pipins Hair Store

lundi 21 mai 2012


Need some wild runway hair?? Pipins designer Angiliak Crystal has for the first time made hair to match her outfits! There are FIVE brand new styles available and more will be released over the next few weeks. Be the first to walk the runway in this amazing new hair. You will need to visit the Pipins Hair Store to see them all!

samedi 19 mai 2012


*Pipins* release a new casual day wear range for women. Six new designs in a variety of colours, available individually or as fat packs. For 24 hours only one of the outfits is available at the reduced price of 300L. Starting Noon Saturday 19th May to Noon Sunday 20th May, the Edwige outfit will be available for 300L instead of the regular price of 450L, and its fat pack at 1400L.
On special release for the guys, Spirale Avant Garde outfit now available in black. Available at a reduced price (reg price 750L) of 500L from Noon Saturday 19th May to Noon Sunday 20th May. Also a new hair and a new make up.
Hurry and check out the entire new range

*Pipins* Collection Parallèle : (also available on marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/71615), 6 New outfits available in 6 colors each and also in fat packs at *Pipins* Casual Store

*Pipins* Spirale in Black, available at the *Pipins* Men Store

*Pipins* Alana Make Up, available in the *Pipins* Cosmetiques Store

*Pipins* Charlize Hair, available in 4 pack tones and in fat pack, at the New *Pipins* Hairs Store

mardi 15 mai 2012

Casting Pipins The Phantom Of The Opera Results

Thank you to everyone who attended the castings. We had such a difficult job choosing that we decided to have 6 models instead of 4! For those that were unsuccesful please don't be discouraged, we couldn't pick everyone! Please try again for future shows. The successful models are:

Anigma Eulenberg
Rehana Seljan
Sweaty Badger
Katime Vacano
Calima Dufaux
Lady Stromfield

Please IM me so I can invite you to the Pipins Model Group. Thank you.
Aphrodite Brianna