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mardi 17 juillet 2012


For 72 hours from 1pm Tuesday 17th July  to Friday 20th July 1pm Pipins are running an amazing Buy One Get One Free offer. Make a purchase at ANY of the Pipins stores on the Just Like Heaven sim  between these times and send a notecard with your Transaction history named PIPINS BOGOF offer (Your Name) and in the main body of the notecard request an item of equivalent value (or less) thn the item purchased. Send the notecard to Angiliak Crystal AND Aphrodite Brianna and your free item will be sent to you.
Don't miss this fantastic offer for 72 hours only!!

Pipins Sim

samedi 16 juin 2012

Pipins The Phantom Of The Opera Show Video

Video By Fleur2sable Tracy

Models : Aphrodite Brianna, Angiliak Crystal

mercredi 13 juin 2012

mardi 12 juin 2012

lundi 11 juin 2012

samedi 9 juin 2012

Pipins New Releases

Several new releases from Pipins this weekend.
Firstly Angiliak releases three pairs of shoes in the brand new Pipins Shoes Store. Each pair includes 8 leather textures, and demos are available in store. Here's a taster, come down and check out the rest.
Pipins - Alane High Heels
and if that isn't enough there is a fabulous new avant garde jewelry set from Pipins. Available at Pipins Jewelry Store
Pipins - Emilie Full Set

mardi 22 mai 2012

More New Hairs from Pipins !

Five new hair releases yesterday and now ANOTHER 5! These new designs are fabulous couture hair for the runway in a wide range of colour combinations, some with optionally visible hair ornaments that are texture change for gems and metals. Be one of the first to walk the runway in these amazing new hair designs!
Available in the Pipins Hair Store

lundi 21 mai 2012


Need some wild runway hair?? Pipins designer Angiliak Crystal has for the first time made hair to match her outfits! There are FIVE brand new styles available and more will be released over the next few weeks. Be the first to walk the runway in this amazing new hair. You will need to visit the Pipins Hair Store to see them all!

samedi 19 mai 2012


*Pipins* release a new casual day wear range for women. Six new designs in a variety of colours, available individually or as fat packs. For 24 hours only one of the outfits is available at the reduced price of 300L. Starting Noon Saturday 19th May to Noon Sunday 20th May, the Edwige outfit will be available for 300L instead of the regular price of 450L, and its fat pack at 1400L.
On special release for the guys, Spirale Avant Garde outfit now available in black. Available at a reduced price (reg price 750L) of 500L from Noon Saturday 19th May to Noon Sunday 20th May. Also a new hair and a new make up.
Hurry and check out the entire new range

*Pipins* Collection Parallèle : (also available on marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/71615), 6 New outfits available in 6 colors each and also in fat packs at *Pipins* Casual Store

*Pipins* Spirale in Black, available at the *Pipins* Men Store

*Pipins* Alana Make Up, available in the *Pipins* Cosmetiques Store

*Pipins* Charlize Hair, available in 4 pack tones and in fat pack, at the New *Pipins* Hairs Store

mardi 15 mai 2012

Casting Pipins The Phantom Of The Opera Results

Thank you to everyone who attended the castings. We had such a difficult job choosing that we decided to have 6 models instead of 4! For those that were unsuccesful please don't be discouraged, we couldn't pick everyone! Please try again for future shows. The successful models are:

Anigma Eulenberg
Rehana Seljan
Sweaty Badger
Katime Vacano
Calima Dufaux
Lady Stromfield

Please IM me so I can invite you to the Pipins Model Group. Thank you.
Aphrodite Brianna

lundi 16 avril 2012

Pipins - Spirale

Model : Tymonalexander

Tymon wears Spirale, a blood red outfit. The spiralling sphere envelopping Tymon's body evokes the celtic swirls seen in northen europe. The wide shoulder drape covers elegantly Tymon's shoulders and give a feeling of warmth. The helmet with horns reminds of the northern style of this outfit and give a fierce impression. The top and the pants are fitted to the body to enhance Tymon's figure. This outfit is a great example of a powerful style!

Available in the Pipins Men Store

dimanche 15 avril 2012

Pipins - Snake Charmer

Model : Tymonalexander

Tymon wears Snake Charmer, a very elaborate outfit. Snakes wrap themselves around Tymon's body and create a very impressive allure. The base of the outfit is spiky and  in the same war brown colour as the snakes. A cobra's head ornates Tymon's head dress giving this ensemble an oriental and dangerous feel.

Available in the Pipins Men Store

mercredi 11 avril 2012

Pipins - Seiya

Model : Silvano Korobase

Silvano wears Seiya, a quite dramatic looking black outfit. The dark top has large shoulder pads giving a strong figure to the model. The slim pants contrast well with the top, in this outfit, Silvano is sure to leave a strong impression on any who will cross his path!

Available in the Pipins Men Store

dimanche 8 avril 2012

Pipins : Roman

Model : Silvano Korobase

Silvano wears Roman a very edgy black outfit
 with detailed textures and a modern feel. Indeed, the top has a large and high collar and spikty shoulder details in a snake scale texture that gives a fierce look. The top is tight and a multiple chain belt is wrapped around Silvano's waist. The pants are ornated with transluscent sharp wings that bring to this outfit a great dimension. A head piece completes the look.

Available in the Pipins Men Store

samedi 7 avril 2012

Pipins On Pulse TV

The FashionFix Live w/ Pipins@ 6:30PM SLT

Tonight our Fabulous Fashionista hostess Starlett will be joined by Guest Host Burly Tigerpaw  as they welcome Aphrodite Brianna COO of Pipins (Representing as the voice for the Wonderful designs of  the Angiliak Crystal)  for our first  Fantasy Avante Garde Showcase.

Come Get your Fix!

Studio Seating Begins at 6 PM SLT
Your limo here

Pipins : Riot

Model : Ricoracer Flux

Rico wears Riot, a powerful ensemble with great features. The shoulder pads and backpiece are build to create a armour effect and the sleeves are made along the same pattern. The bottom
opens up like a shell giving a great reminder to the back piece. The contrasting colours add depth and enphasizes on the volumes of this outfit.

Available in the Pipins Men Store

vendredi 6 avril 2012

Pipins : Rhéos

Model : Matteo Bettencourt

Matteo wears Rheos,  a stunning black pants outfit with a coat and impressive arched shoulder pads. The fabric is richly decorated with embroidery and give this outfit a very elegant feel. The pants have silvery details reminding of the embroidery seen on the coat. A very stylish outfit!

Available in the Pipins Men Store

jeudi 5 avril 2012

Pipins : Ovid

Model : Dariuskragin

Darius wears Ovid, a very intricately designed black outfit. The back piece in shiny black metal frames Darius's body in an impressive way. The wide collar made from the same shiny black texture protects the shoulders and creates a link between the back piece and the bottom of the outfit. The bottom piece is elaborated to create a see through effect and adds structure to the ensemble. A very unique outfit!

Available in the Pipins Men Store

mardi 3 avril 2012

Pipins - Omaël

Model : Ricoracer Flux

Rico wears Omael a stunning white pants outfit with a white open top revealing Rico's chest and wrapped in flaming chains. Glowing flames create spiky and fierce shoulder pads that give to this outfit a great dimension. An elaborate mask covers Rico's head adding a powerful feel to the ensemble. The pants in imacculate white finish of this great outfit.

Available in the Pipins Men Store

lundi 2 avril 2012


The April edition of the Best of Second Life magazine features Pipins designer Angiliak Crystal on the front cover wearing the beautiful Reve de Jours outfit. Inside on page 109 there is an interview with Angiliak and some fabulous fashion shots of Pipins outfits worn by some of the top models in Second Life, Kay Fairey, Wicca Merlin, Steele Sirnah, World Undercroft and Pipins own COO Aphrodite Brianna. The magazine is available in world and also online at:


All the items shown are available at the Pipins Sim

Picture By Annan Adored

dimanche 1 avril 2012


 From 12 noon Sunday 1st April until 12 noon Monday 2nd April the newly released ANIEL outfit for men is available at the reduced price of just L$450 (regular price L$750).
  While you are here check out the new mens range of male avant garde clothing some of which features in the April edition of BOSL magazine.
 Ladies all PIPINS outfits are available with a gift option if you want to treat the man in your life... or why not wander into some of the PIPINS ladies collections and treat yourself instead!!

Model : Zachary Zufreur

Available in the Pipins Men Store

samedi 31 mars 2012

Pipins - Noah

Model : Rex Requiem

Rex wears Noah, a superb outfit in shimmering gold metal. The top with shoulder pads and sleeves with cuffs give an impressive feel of strength and fierceness. The large pants  complete the outfit. A truely spectacular outfit!

Available at the Pipins Men Store

vendredi 30 mars 2012

Pipins - Les Oiseaux

Model : Dariuskragin

Darius wears Les Oiseaux, a striking ensemble where menacing birds give this outfit a unique form. The steel cage from where they seem to have escaped protects our model and is a great feature to this outfit. A fantastic outfit!

Available in the Pipins Men Store

jeudi 29 mars 2012

Pipins - Instrumental

Model : World Undercroft

World wears Instrumental, a stunning white outfit inspiored by music. Composed with a string instrument head piece, a trumpet ornates the shoulders. A somptuous collar wrapps World's neck giving avery elegant feel to the outfit. A cello body creates a nice link between teh top and the pants that are decorated with a great harp. The boots finish of beautifully this amazing outfit enchanting the eyes.

Available in the Pipins Men Store

mercredi 28 mars 2012

Pipins - Balian

Model : Rex Requiem

Rex  wears Balian, a stunning white pants outfit. The design reminds of ancient armours that have been restyled ina  very avant garde and futuristic manner. With a great attention to detail you can see how the helmet,n the shoulders and the pants are made with allowing see through yet creating an impression of strength . The arm bands are made of the same white texture and finish off nicely the top. The pants are short and crafted carefully to follow natural curves. This outfit is truely a great example of Angiliak's abilities to create unique and finely crafted outfits.

Available in the Pipins Men Store

mardi 27 mars 2012

Pipins - Alien

Steele Sirnah

Steele wears Alien.  A very outstanding outfit in shiny black. The back piece gives a great dimension to the outfit and is ornated with large swirls. The bodice in the same shiny black texture blends in superbly with the rest of the outfit. The waist
is decorated with swirling disks. The pants have a very intricate designs evoking DNA.. Surely this outfit shows the future evolution of fashion.. a visionary outfit!

Available in the Pipins Men Store

lundi 26 mars 2012

Pipins - Adam

Model : Steele Sirnah

Steele wears Adam a fantastic avant garde outfit. The green and blue texture give this outfit a very striking look. The head dress forms a coil wrapped around Steele's head. Curvy and sharp houlder pads cover Steele's shoulders. A long coat widens at the bottom revealing long pants.To bring out the inner dragon  in you,   feel  the power of the dragon in this outfit by pipins,  primeaval and fearless,  the  woven textures are reminisent of  scales,  but  a whole lot softer,
Beautifully put together  in a stylish ensemble,this outfit is a great representative of Angiliak's talent for unique creations!

Available in the Pipins Men Store

dimanche 25 mars 2012

Pipins Casuals Sunday Special

From 1pm Sunday 25th March to 1pm Monday 26th March Pipins offers 50% off selected items.

AVAILABLE in 6 different colours OR FATPACKS ALSO 50% OFF

Available in the Pipins Casual Store

Hurry! They won't be at this price for long.

samedi 24 mars 2012

Pipins Paris Underground Show !

Pipins designer Angiliak Crystal launches her first mens range today at 3pm.  SL male fashion has never seen anything like it! Be the first to experience this cutting edge design and purchase at the greatly reduced price of L$450 (reg price L$750)

Pipins Paris Underground Show
Your Limo for Paris Underground Show!

dimanche 18 mars 2012

Pipins - Auroro


PIPINS brand new release AURORO is available at the massively discounted price of 500L for 24 hours ONLY starting 2pm Sunday 18th March until 2pm Monday 19th March. Regular price will be 900L.
A stunning golden avant garde outfit with jeweled bodice AURORO is yet another PIPINS masterpiece. Be the first to own it , at almost half the regular price!

Pipins - Auroro
Picture By Julie Hastings
Available in the Pipins AG Gowns Store

mercredi 7 mars 2012

Pipins - Dress Serpentine

This is a stunning new release from Pipins available for just 500L from 12 noon March 7th to 12 noon March 8th. An amazing avant garde gown with a wonderfull snake skin texture this really is a beautiful addition to any fashionistas wardrobe. So hurry and get yours now before it reverts to the usual selling price of 900L.

Pipins - Dress Serpentine
Picture By Julie Hastings
Available in the Pipins AG Gowns Store

dimanche 4 mars 2012

PIPINS welcomes you to the DARKSIDE

From now until 8AM Monday 5th March the brand new Darkside collection is set at the greatly reduced price of 500L (regular price 900L). These clothes were featured in the Solo Evane Star Wars Show and are freshly released today.

Pictures by Badon Rain

Come and be the first to own one of these unique one-off designs by Pipins and save almost half the regular retail price. For 24 hours ONLY!!!! These will NOT be discounted again.

Available in the Pipins AG Gowns Store