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Summer Collection : Casual Avant Garde

Collection available in Pipins Casual Avant-Garde Store

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to Planet Pipins, a strange and curious place created by a strange and curious woman, Angiliak Crystal.  Normal rules do not apply here, forget the Laws of Physics and of Gravity. Forget even more the laws of Second Life fashion and what a fashion show should look like. Sit back and be transported to another universe....

Pipins - Aria
 Her flamboyant gold outfit clearly states of her immense power. Look at it closely, and see the bodice evoquing an armour with gold accents. Glitter embellishes the top. Her cape and shoulder pads give an impressive dimension to the outfit. Her pants are knee length with sharp details revealing matching gold boots.

Pipins - Camille
 Her chest protected by a silver neckpiece she stands, in front Aphro, in a defying look. Her bodice is highly elegant, made from very detailed embroided silver fabric. Her skirt made of silver petals and leaves shines as she makes her move.

Pipins - Coralie
Coralie looks like no ordinary puppet. From head to toe she has been dipped in pure gold . The skirt is made from the lightest of see through fabrics.  The breastplate and shoulder pads in gold metal create a brilliant armour and contrast with the lighteness of the skirt fabric and give the perfect balance to this amazing dress. The Coralie outfit is completed with high heels boots which perfect this strong bold and fantastic look for any lady who wish to rule  the runway at Pipins...

Pipins - Domitille
 She stands out  with a bright gold halter top, and chest piece and knee length poofy pants. Her waist is addorned with petals adding a stylish dimension to the ensemble, her short boots give a dynamic look to the outfit.

Pipins - Emilie
 Her beautifully crafted white skirt is made of white feathers and decorated with snow balls reminds of the cool winters, where silence reigns. The bodice is tight and has a princess neckline, giving a noble feel to the ensemble.her collar is made also dfrom feathers, and on her head, a luscious white hat finishes teh outfit. Her boots, in silver complete the outfit in the most elegant of ways.

Pipins Enola
Her firy outfit is the proof! the flames cover her and envelop her like an angel of death, so powerful she can claim Pipins as her own! Her black bodice evoking the darkness of her plans and contrasts with the brightness and heat of the flames that create spiky shoulder pads and skirt. Indeed she is strong in her looks.. so strong she chained herself gathering all her power, ready to strike.

Pipins - Karine
er shiny white bodysuits glistens as she walks to face the demoniac aliens. The chains on her skirt gather together impressive leaves and tie up her look into an impressive display. Her boots finely crafted add femininity.  has the look that suits her power.. a undeniable power of style!

Pipins - Celine
 Her wild turquoise and deep blue outfit reminds of the sacred egyptian scarab, able to survive through centuries. Her sleeveless bodysuit shines, revealing her curves. As she moves to attack, her transcluscent skirt lightly moves with her. Her shoes, high stilettos give her the feminine and seductive looks. Her neckclace is made from the same bright metallic turquoise and protects her neck.. Celine has an impressive face detail created to impress..

Pipins - Magde
 If you watch closely , you'll see the intricate design of the bodice: an embroided silver and black top with a seductive cut out revealing her cleavage. The elaborate design of the skirt proves that this angel likes to plan things through. It is true that the leaves that addorn the skirt evoke a menacing look . She wears assorted shoes that complete the look, giving her the elegance and style of an angel ready to descend upon Pipins planet.

Pipins - Jasmine
 Jasmine's devilish red outfit represent the fire of a burning passion... A passion for power and style.. in one word : Fashion! She wont let anyone else take Pipins, it's hers.. and her intricate and firy red dress with pink accents is what she plans on using to get Pipins. Your eyes will be drawn from the top with long sleeves in bright pink to the skirt, knee length with petals! Her tight shiny pants in bright red latex give a seductive and powerful look. Her bright pink boots finish her look in the most stylish of ways.

Pipins - Marlie
 Her shiny metallic corset top is tied up giving her the poise and the elegance of the Druids . Her ample and knee length skirt is highgly detailed and made of a magical fabric that will enchant the eyes. Leaves and petals compose this fabulous dress.Her boots made also in purple complit her outfit. Marlie is elegant, stylish and strong..

Pipins - Olga
 Her dark purple red and gold outfit is showing that darkness and a fierceful look can overpower any spell.. or so she thinks.. will it be her spiky shoulder pads or her short skirt revealing her long legs or her amazing boots knee length adding strength?
In fact it is the entire outfit.. with the deep and strong colour, the sharpness of the ensemble and the amazing detail that create the impression..

Pipins - Phyllis
 This outfit called Phyllis is made from a ink black shiny leather adding a sensual feel to it. The skirt is a corolle made with sharp leaves and swirls adding volume and structure. The boots, without heels complete Phillys in a light and modern way. A striking and strong look.

Pipins - Sonia
Sonia the elf, clever creature who's green outfit will grab all attention has planned it all along! She polished her sharp looks with turquoise, green and blue  spikes. An edgy look that will not leave anyone indifferent. The bodice is short and shoulder pads add firerceness. Watch out for Sonia, her short pants give her the freedom to move quickly up to the top! Her ankle boots complete her amazing and fiersome look Sonia isnt the kind of elf who will loose the opportunity to make a stand.