Elegant Stores Haute Couture :

Outstanding Avant-Garde Style
Classic and Formal Glamourous Gowns
Stellar and Classic Chic Casuals for women
Amazing Range of Kimonos
Men range
Special Hairs
Unic Jewellery
Skins & Shapes
Shoes, High Heels, Boots
Extravagant Make Ups
Fantasy Avatars (coming soon!)

All with a Touch of French style.

A new way to sparkle...
... in a Futuristic setting

About Pipins

Designer CEO : Angiliak Crystal.

COO : Aphrodite Brianna.

Assistant Recruitment : Pipins Resident

*Pipins* is a French Store created in February 2011 by Angiliak Crystal.
Pipins designs clothes for women for all occasions. Situated in a full sim Pipins can dress you in a classic haute couture evening gown for the highest class event, it can provide you with a cutting edge avant -garde outfit guaranteed to draw approving gasps from your friends or it can simply provide you with quality casual clothes to wear on your day to day second life. As well as an extensive and varied range of clothing Pipins also has an exquisite, unique and original make-up range designed by Pipins creator, Angiliak Crystal. More like art for the face than the conventional eyeshadow and lip gloss, these truly beautiful face tattoos must be seen. Just like the Pipin's gowns , you will not find anything else like them in SL.  Pipins creations are becoming increasingly worn by some of the top models and fashionistas in SL. 

Creations :
Avant - Garde
Make Ups
Complete Avatars (skins, shapes, eyes, hairs) coming soon!

* All Pipins outfits are copy/modify. If you want an outfit for someone else the Gift option is available on all the vendors. I do not supply transfer versions of my outfits.

* I am sorry but I am unable to take on any custom work at this time.

* Please be careful when purchasing items because a refund will only be given in the event of someone mistakenly purchasing the same item twice. (not including the Gift option)

* Please exercise care when using the Gift option as I can not be responsible for any mistakes made.

* For any other customer service issues/requests/infos, contact Aphro.