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lundi 28 novembre 2011

Pipins - Dress Maillons

Pipins - Dress Maillons
Aphrodite wears Maillons, a fantastic immaculate creation, a gown made of thousands of chain links and enhanced with a beautiful swirl that wraps the body and draws the eye from head to toe. The tight shirt and pants are made of a white shiny fabric which give a futuristic look to the outfit. The head dress has a veil elegantily covering the face. This unique creation has all it takes to capture your heart!

Available in Pipins Surreal Store

dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Pipins - Dress Caresse

Pipins - Dress Caresse
Aphrodite Brianna wears a striking white mesh ensemble called Caresse. It is made from hundreds of hands running all over the bodice and the skirt, creating a very feminine figure, with a wasp waist. Two hands create a tall and striking head piece giving this outfit the height and allure of a truely high fashion outfit.

Available in the Pipins Surreal Store

Price : 995 l$

samedi 26 novembre 2011

Pipins New Sim !

Pipins are moving to a brand new sim. On Saturday 26th November at 1pm the new sim will be open. For one hour only EVERYTHING will be reduced by 50% to Pipins D'Or members. Just come along to the new sim and make your purchases. Complete a notecard entitled 'Pipins D'Or 50% Sale- (Your Name)' and copy and paste your transaction history and return to Pipins Resident. 50% of your purchase cost will be refunded to you.
Non Pipin D'Or Members can get 30% off all items in AG Casual, AG gowns, Casual Classique, Gowns Classique and Cosmetic  Stores.  Complete a notecard entitled 'Pipins 30% Opening Sale - (Your Name)' and copy and paste your transaction history and return to Pipins Resident. 30% of your purchase cost will be refunded to you.

Come and take a look at the beautiful new sim and grab yourself a bargain.  Check out the latest Surreal Collection released this week!  Sale prices apply Sat 26th Nov 1pm-2pm SLT ONLY!!!

LMs are here :

Pipins Outlet
Pipins Casual
Pipins Casual Avant-garde
Pipins Cosmetiques
Pipins Surreal
Pipins Gowns Avant-Garde
Pipins Gowns Classique

STOP PRESS!!!!  New Release in Classic Gowns available at new sim only.

Pipins - Dress Lilith
Pipins Gowns Classique

vendredi 25 novembre 2011

Pipins - Dress Tabloids

Pipins - Dress Tabloids
995 l$
This fantastic mesh  dress is made of hundreds of news papers probably giving the great news that this dress and all the others creations seen here will be available at Pipins store after the show. The sleeveless halter top is printed and enhanced with a high collar. The skirt is wide and shows off the legs beautifully. this dress comes complete with a matching  top hat reminding of vintage fashion. A dress that will make the headlines!

Available in Pipins Surreal Store

mardi 22 novembre 2011

Pipins Dress On The Road

Pipins - Dress On The Road
995 l$

On the road, a very unique black dress. Indeed, it's composed from layers of fabric creating the shape of tires. the top forms a corolle reminding of renaissance collars. The top and pants layers are made of shiny black fabric that shows at the waist which is enhanced by a long skirt that flares at the bottom. This dress surely is a head turner!

Available at Pipins Surreal Store

lundi 21 novembre 2011

Pipins - Dress Khartes
995 l$
Khartes, a black dress with an edge.. indeed, the entire outfit made from edgy and shiny pyramids create a beautiful bodice with large sleeves, a thin waist and a wide skirt. The shiny texture gives depth to the outfit and emphasize on the metallic edgy feel of it. This outfit is complete with a matching hat. An edge? Thousands in fact, and in fashion, edge is what you want!

Available in the Pipins Surreal Mainstore

dimanche 20 novembre 2011

Dress Lelahel from New Surreal Collection

Pipins - Dress Lelahel
995 l$
Made in an immaculate and shining texture, this detailed outfit is all curves. An elegant and  curvy hood frames the head in a beautiful way. The chest piece opens wide and reveals the neckline. The skirt creates a shell like shape and completes the ensemble. This beautiful outfit will surely stay in all the minds as one of the most striking examples in fashion!

Available in the Pipins Surreal Store

samedi 19 novembre 2011

Fashion Show : Surreal Winter Collection !

Today at 1 PM SLT

An Amazing show!! We will present you the New Pipins Winter Collection, Outstanding, Surreal, you must see it !

Click Here for a TP