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samedi 21 mai 2011

Pipins - Dress Paola

Pipins presents you the Dress Paola, worn by SD.

This stunning attire comes to you in natures earth tones. The designer has gone all out with this amazing peice, a gown with a twist. The sleeveless gown comes with long Gloves and an amazing victorian style wrist finish.
 The belero over the shoulders is finshed with a lovely flower closing it at the chest,the bodice as you can see is fitted with a cut going down the front giving you femininty with elegance.

 Skirt is flowey, swaying beautifully with your every move. The feathers on the back stand out agaisnt the greens of the gown giving it the mystical feeling.

 The twist to this gown is the hint of avant-garde in it. as you can see on the hips and bottom of the gown you have the matierial cut in abstract peices making the Paualo stand out from the usual gowns, this finshes the attire making it a head turner and a must for every lady who wants to make a statement.

Price : 900 l$

You can find the Dress Paola at the Pipins Mainstore : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eternalis/112/51/26

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