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samedi 11 février 2012

Casting Pipins Paris Underground Results

Can the following models please attend one of those inworld castings ( sunday 12th Feb 2012 at 3 pm slt or Monday 13th Feb 2012 at 2 pm slt ) :

SHOWTIME : Saturday 24th March at 3 pm st.
* 20 March at 3 pm slt
* 22 March at 3 pm slt

- BigJohn Troglodite
- Dariuskragin Resident
- Gabe Bookmite
- Liam Netizen
- Matteo Bettencourt
- Rex Requiem
- RicoRacer Flux
- Silvano Korobase
- Steele Sirnah
- Thunder Barthelmess
- Txasko Yoshikawa
- Tymonalexander Resident
- World Undercroft
- Zachazy Zufreur

Please have two outfits prepared : a casual and an avant-garde, with 3 poses for each and be in VPC. Code : 9@2012@menscast.
You will walk twice in alphabetic order . The walk will be the following one :

Line up in alpha order:

Walk via RED to PINK
POSE 1 15 seconds
Walk via BLUE then BLACK to PURPLE
POSE 1 x 15 seconds
Walk via BLUE to GREEN
POSE until we say 'thank you'
EXIT via BLUE then BLACK via YELLOW exit

Once you have walked twice you are free to go.

SLURL to Backstage : Pipins Runway Backstage

5 models and a back-up will be chosen for the show but we would like also to offer additional models the chance to join the Pipins model group to be considered for future shows and print work.
Please check the Pipins Blog for updates on castings. We will post the results of the castings on here, so please keep checking. The 5 selected models will also be required to model for the vendor pictures of the collection.

Date of the results : 14th Feb
(Check post named "Casting Pipins Paris Underground Final Results")

Thank you.

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